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Caroline Calvert

Marketing & Web Design Expert

“Caroline was a joy to work with, I am so happy with my website and new branding.”


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Answers to the most asked questions….

How log will it take to launch my new website.2021-05-18T20:22:12+00:00

The launch date can vary depending on a few things. At Calvert Creative Design we set launch dates and client deliverables to meet those dates at the beginning of the project. It also depends on the customization, features, e-commerce, apps, then obviously this will increase our timelines. We always try to give our clients the absolute best timeline for their project but the average time is around 2-3 months.

Do I need to rebuild my current site, or can we update it?2021-05-18T20:17:20+00:00

This is a very common question, and the answer is on a case to case basis. If you have a great site already, but want updates, generally we can help without too much major code adjustments. However, we take security and design seriously, so if there is a situation where we are best off rebuilding, we will usually offer you that option as well, it’s up to you!

What is your experience in branding and website design?2021-04-08T23:32:23+00:00

I have worked as a graphic designer, designer and illustrator. I bring to you my 15 years of experience working in the field and my education. I have worked with big company’s like Disney, illustrating their Characters, to small graphic design projects for start ups.

Applied Design – Kwantlen University

Multimedia Studies – UBC

Web Technologies – Langara

What is the cost for branding and website design?2021-05-18T20:18:47+00:00

Pricing a website can be tough to do initially, and can vary depending on a lot of options. At Calvert Creative Website Design our pricing generally ranges from $1500 to $5000 for our average client. If you want something with a lot more customization, features, e-commerce, apps, then obviously this will drive the price up. We always try to give our clients the absolute best deal, while also giving a quality, professional website.